Gift Wrapped Up - "When Quality Matters"
We are more than just a hamper company, we hand deliver smiles in a box. We are dedicated to creating ‘Wow’ moments for everyone lucky enough to receive one of our hampers.

Gift Wrapped Up - "When Quality Matters"
We know, from 17 years’ experience in the corporate world, that there is a high percentage of people who feel underappreciated, and many, many businesses who find it challenging to not only reward staff and retain their clients – but to stand out from their competitors.

Luckily we’ve spent many years delivering multimillion dollar results by developing lasting connections by creating “Wow Moments” that people remember.

We work best with passionate businesses seeking to build their business through loyalty and recognition. We assist these clients by making their lives easier.

People do business with and engage with people they like and our superb gift hampers make a real statement about how you view your clients, staff and customers.

Retail and consumer merchandise